Undissolved, Cookhouse gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London

JULY 17th   18:00 – 20:00 P.M (Performances start at 18:15)

JULY 18th   10:45 – 13:00 Dance Dialogues (Open sessions of movement and improvisation)

‘Bodies never lie’ – Agnes de Miller

Visual Art and Performance. Presence and Absence. Though seemingly unrelated pairs of words, there is an intrinsic undercurrent of rhythm which connects practice based disciplines towards each other – this often brings out various connections, connotations, and inferences. All 12 artists exhibiting engage with this very undissolved threshold – a careful precipice on the edge of two disciplines (visual and performative) presenting a very subtle exchange between the various models of exaggerated expression. This kind of creative articulation which navigates between these two modes, also moves towards the masked broader question of what is real construction and what is not – what is perceived as a model of truth and what is not (in both a materialistic, philosophical and theoretical climate).

UNDISSOLVED explores this terrain which is both the point of departure and the portal of arrival – with performances, Live art, installations, sculptures, and video works which explore the subject either with the presence or the absence of the human body in them, which then becomes the ‘object’ of exploration.”

MA Fine Art Chelsea College in collaboration with MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy Goldsmiths


Caroline Derveaux-Berte
Verity Danbold
Ozlem Demirel
Laila Elboukhari
Abeer Elkhateb
Camilla Emson
Carolina Furtado
Mioi Nakayama
Alkiste Papadopoulou
Radhika Prabhu
Joshua Raffell
Parul Sharma

source: UNDISSOLVED, MA Fine Art Chelsea in collaboration with MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths

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Undissolved (Performance, London, 17-18 July 2014)